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We can accommodate up to 100 kids of all ages- toddlers, kids, and teens. Possible venues include homes, backyards, local parks, community centers, schools, churches, event halls, or any other location with a bit of space.

Our drum circles for kids are the perfect choice of entertainment for your birthday party.

A drum for every guest!

We will provide plenty of drums, percussion instruments, and sound effects for all the kids to try out. We will select drums from our collection that are appropriate for your group-colorful bongos, tom toms, and lollipop drums for the little ones, or full- sized congas, djembes, and bass drums for kids and teens.

Engaging activities that capture the kids' attention

Your friendly and charismatic drum circle leader will guide the kids through warm-ups, games, activities, and jams that will be customized to their age level. We prepare a wide variety of activities, so our sessions are fun and engaging from start to finish.

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A hands-on activity that goes beyond watching a performance

With our drum circles, the kids are at the center of the action. Instead of sitting back and simply watching a performance, they get to try out all the different instruments and express themselves through rhythm and sound. It’s a great way to celebrate a birthday and burn off all the sugar ;)

The adults are welcome to join in or hang back and watch the kids. Parents get great photos of their kids at our drum circles

Birthday Parties

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